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I had the good fortune of the being the uke for some of my sensei. The uke is the attacker. Sometimes it looked like I was being hit or thrown pretty hard, but I was never injured.

Once, however, my Aikido sensei applied a nikkyo ura technique. This is a particularly painful technique. After he applied the technique, he asked me if it hurt. I answered that it did not. He said, "let me do it again." The next time I felt a tremendous searing pain in my hand and arm. I actually cut my hand to the bone with a bolo knife once and it did not hurt 1/10th as much as this technique.

The funny thing about Aikido is that the pain is gone almost as soon as the technique is released and there usually is no damage. But I will never forget that feeling.

I'm sure that the students watching that day had their own impressions. But being the uke gives you the actual physical experience of the technique. No amount of watching or speculating can compare to the real thing.

Being the uke to a fine sensei is the best way to learn techniques. The uke is the luckiest student!


Charles C. Goodin