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Soaking In Urine

I heard this story from a man and woman, whose father was one of the early Karate and Okinawan Sumo experts here in Hawaii. When a Karate person would receive a certain kind of internal injury, the remedy was to soak in a barrel of urine. My understanding is that the injury referred to was a death touch -- an injury that would result in death days or even weeks after it was inflicted.

During the plantation days, urine was saved and used as a liquid fertilizer. Each home would have little buckets for gathering the urine which would be poured into community barrels or vats. Thus, it was not that hard to find enough urine in which to soak.

I have no idea if this remedy worked, but I found it very interesting. I wonder if this practice was also followed in Okinawa, Japan or the orient?


Charles C. Goodin