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Recent Family Article

Last Thursday (March 16, 2006), a very nice artcle about my family appeared in the Island Life section of the Honolulu Advertiser. The article is entitled "Family Follows His Karate Moves: Goodin clan from Aiea spends quality time in classes perfecting martial arts, staying fit." You can click on the link to see the online version of the article. The title of the online version differs from the print version.

Of course, I was very happy that the article presented my family. I am very fortunate that my entire family practices with me -- my wife, three sons and daughter. My family is like a built-in dojo.

I was also happy that the article was about family and health, not about tournaments, sport, violence, or commercialism.

The day the article appeared, I received a call from an 81 year old gentleman who had practiced Karate in Okinawa in 1952. His sensei was Choshin Chibana (how lucky!). I met with him right away and he donated a very precious photo collection to the Hawaii Karate Museum. I have been very busy scanning the collection and readying it for presentation.

I had other calls about the article, most wanting more information about classes. I asked the reporter to give the link to the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai website so that readers could find a dojo in their area. My dojo only accepts new students two or three times each year. Our next opening will be during the first week of June.

It is a little embarrassing to be the subject of articles. However, it is very good for the Hawaii Karate Museum's projects. Also, for those of us who are "traditional," we should allow articles to be written about us so that traditional values and views can be presented. Otherwise, the public will only hear about the sport aspect, entertainment aspect, or cases where martial arts are abused.

If you want to write about Karate, please consider writing about traditional values, health, and Okinawan culture. People will read what we write about.


Charles C. Goodin