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Reading this Blog

I've received comments from some people I know who have read this blog. You (the reader) might be someone I know. If so, howzit? (In Hawaii, that means, "how are you?")

This blog represents my personal thoughts. Sometimes, I will write a short blog entry rather than write a longer article. Most of my articles are between 1200 and 2400 words (sometimes per part). These blog entries can be much shorter, and less formal.

My hope is that as this blog grows, it will be a resource for Karate students. A lot of what I write here are things I say in my own dojo. My Aikido sensei always used to give lectures in class. I wish that I could have recorded him, but did not think of it at the time. Too bad there weren't blogs back then.

I have set this blog up not to have comments. Ideally, I would welcome comments. However, I do not have the time to screen comments to weed out profanity or negative comments. Unfortunately, a very few people ruin things for the vast majority to good hearted people. I do not write negative things about people. I did not want to risk having a comment posted that was negative about a person, whether living or deceased.

But you are welcome to write to me if you have comments. My email address is posted on the right panel of the blog below my address. It is goodin@hawaii.rr.com.


Charles C. Goodin