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Everything looks perfect when you watch a Karate video or demonstration. I have seen the outtakes of videos where the performers make mistakes -- accidentally strike or kick each other, forget where they are in a kata, pivot incorrectly, etc. Sometimes it takes many attempts to get the kata right.

I watched a well-known sensei perform a kata. The audience was so impressed, as was I. Backstage, I saw the sensei. He was out of breath. The audience could not see this.

We are all human. No one is perfect.

One of my teachers used to point to his nose and then tell me to punch. Without fail, he would block my punches. Finally he confided that he could do this because he knew exactly where and when I would punch. He did not tell me to punch him anywhere I wanted, whenever I wanted. He was very specific.

If attacked, we only have one chance. We don't get multiple takes.


Charles C. Goodin