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Kenpo Kyohan Online

I would like to invite you to see a rare treat at the Hawaii Karate Museum website:

Hayanawa Kappo Kenpo Kyohan Zukai, Zen

Complete Illustrated Book of the Teaching Method of Tying (Hayanawa)
the Striking Methods of Jujutsu (Kenpo)
and the Method of Resuscitation (Kappo)

Published May 17, 1896 (Meiji 29)
Tokyo, Kinseido. 108 pages. 50 Sen. Japanese language

This book was written at a time when striking was still an integral aspect of Ju Jutsu.

If you have any old Ju Jutsu, Judo, Kendo, or Karate books that you would like to donate (or sell) to the Hawaii Karate Museum, please contact me at: goodin@hawaii.rr.com.

We are attempting to collect and preserve these treasures for future generations.


Charles C. Goodin