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Keeping in Shape

When you practice Karate, you must view your body as your tool. Just as a samurai would never go into battle with a dull or broken sword, so too must you keep your body in good shape in order to practice Karate.

Karate students, and instructors in particular, are similar to firemen, policemen, emergency workers, and military personnel in that they must keep in good shape.

When you see a Karate instructor who is in poor shape, you wonder about his or her training methods and dedication. Since students usually defer to their sensei, it is incumbent upon the sensei to be very demanding of himself or herself.

Of course, some physical conditions and illnesses cannot be avoided. But you have probably seen Karate instructors who have simply fallen out of shape.

One problem with some styles of Karate is that they are designed primarily for young people. Such styles emphasize physical strength and linear speed. As one ages, this type of Karate become more and more difficult, requiring more and more effort, and often resulting in inujuries. In order the be able to train for your whole life, will have to learn how to use your whole body in a coordinated manner to generate power.


Charles C. Goodin