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In Praise of Translators

Those of us who seriously practice Karate and study its history, owe a debt of gratitude to a handful of translators who have literally opened the books (and articles) to us. For the most part, these are American, Canadian or European Karate instructors and students who are, fortunately for all of us, fluent in Japanese.

I wish to thank (in alphabetical order): Kiko Ferreira, Patrick & Yuriko McCarthy, Mario McKenna, Andreas Quast, Sanzinsoo, Charles Joseph Swift, and Mark Tankosich.

Others too, deserve our thanks.

I think that it is safe to say that we can learn more about Karate today than at any other time -- from the Bubishi, to Motobu, Funakoshi, and Mabuni's books, to Karate-Do Taikan and Karate Kenpo, we are so lucky!

A heartfelt thank you to Karate's translators!


Charles C. Goodin