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We must look for way to make our movements more efficient. There is a saying that we should not bring out hands back empty. If you punch someone, and are going to punch him again with your other hand, you might as well pull hair or twist a limb with your returning hand.

Another saying is that your hands should work together like a man and woman (or like a team). This is another way of saying that you must be efficient. If you use your hands in a coordinated manner, you will have an advantage over an otherwise equal attacker who does not do so. Actually, you must use your whole body in a coordinated manner.

Of of my sensei described how he applied the efficiency principle at work. If he had to walk over to the other side of his job site to get something, he would look around first to see if there was anything that needed to be taken over there. In that way, he was doing two things rather than one.

In Karate, we must look for ways to make our movements more efficient and to accomplish more with less movement.


Charles C. Goodin