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A Compliment - Family

Several years ago, I participated in a demonstration for Furyu: The Budo Journal. It was at the Borders Bookstore in Waikele. There were many martial artists in the audience.

My sons and I demonstrated Karate (kata). Other presenters demonstrated other martial arts.

After my demonstration, a older teacher of another art can up to me and said that he was very impressed. I hate to admit that I felt a little proud, thinking that I must have done my kata very well.

Then the gentleman explained that although he had taught his art for many years, his children would never join him. He was impressed that my sons were training with me.

Since then, I have never felt proud about my kata, but always feel very proud about the fact that my entire family (my wife, sons and daughter) train with me. Karate is a family activity for us.

When it comes to kata, I always feel that I must work hard to improve.


Charles C. Goodin