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Business Card

An instructor gave me his business card. It stated that he had won a certain event decades ago.

I mentioned this to my son, who was about 17 at the time. He said, "you'd think he'd have gotten over it by now."

In Karate, we do not stop and look back at our accomplishments.

I discussed this with my friend at lunch today. He is an Aikido sensei. He said that some Aikido students do the same thing when they throw someone. After throwing, they keep their hand extended as if to dwell on it. Once something is done, you let it go... and move on to the next thing. You should not remain attached.

Another thing we say is that when you face the sun, your shadow is always at your back. If you turn to see your shadow, you are moving in the wrong direction. You accomplishments should follow you quietly like a shadow. In the evening of your life it will grow long.

I make it a point not to state my Karate rank or title on my business card or even at my dojo website. The only place it appears is on a members listing of a senior instructors group to which I belong.

See: Enryo Suru.


Charles C. Goodin