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Body Waves

In Hawaii, we are lucky to have beautiful weather and the ocean close by. One of the things I used to enjoy was body surfing.

Sometimes a big wave rolls in but when you try to catch it you find that it lacks power and fizzles out. At other times, a small wave appears that can take you all the way into the beach.

What seems to matter the most is the shape of the wave.

The same is true of power generated by body motion. Sometimes a large motion produces little power while a small motion, if properly shaped (formed), produces a great deal of power.

When learning body dynamics, students first practice large body movements. As they the learn the proper shape (form) and timing of the movements, it is possible to make the waves smaller and smaller, until almost imperceptible. At the advanced stage, it seems as if the power appears out of nowhere.

In ocean waves, the crashing of the wave on the beach is the ending point of a process could have begun thousands of miles away. With punching, strikes and blocks, the final expression of power is the ending point of a power generation process that began with the feet (usually) and was channeled and amplified through the body.

See Exhaling.


Charles C. Goodin