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Baking a Cake

Let's say that you are supposed to bake a cake for one hour at 350 degrees. You cannot simply bake it in half the time at 700 degrees. The cake would surely burn.

This is how it is with students. It takes a certain amount of time for students to learn, practice, apply, and perfect techniques. If you rush them, they will get bad habits and become frustrated. Students must learn at their own pace.

Sometimes I hear comments that a particular student is not advancing quickly enough. I always say, "give them time." A sensei must be very patient. We should encourage students, particularly by our own effort, but must remain patient.

Then, when they get it, even if months or years after we taught them, we must be there to say, "that's it!" or "so, so , so , so!"

Don't burn the cake.


Charles C. Goodin