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Avoiding Injuries

As Karate students, we will naturally try to get into the best shape possible. He must also be careful to avoid injuries.

When you become advanced in Karate, you will feel much younger than your biological age. You will be able to do things people your age might not be able to do.

One sensei I know is in great shape. He suffered a major back injury playing basketball. I hurt my shoulder once playing badminton. Just because we are in shape for Karate does not mean that we are in shape for other things.

When I opened my dojo in 1997, I stopped practicing Judo and Kendo. The reason was that I wanted to avoid getting injured in these other arts. I had to save myself for teaching Karate.

Somewhere I read that a tiger will walk around a fallen tree rather than jump over it. Even a tiger has to be careful -- because the potential consequences of injury are so great.


Charles C. Goodin