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Yoshioka Sensei's Lectures

I practiced Aikido with Sadao Yoshioka, first at the Waialae Dojo and later at the Nuuanu YMCA. During each class, Yoshioka Sensei would give a lecture. We would all sit in the seiza position and listen.

After class, the students would discuss the lecture. "Sensei must have heard about what I did," one student would say. "He was talking about me today."

"You're wrong," another student would say. "He was talking about me."

I knew they both were wrong because the lecture was certainly about me!

Somehow, Yoshioka's lectures would touch each student personally. See: Not About You.

I'm glad that Yoshioka Sensei would make time during each class to give us such special lectures. All sensei can learn from his example. Martial arts are only relevant if they apply in our daily lives.

Yoshioka Sensei passed away in 1990. Sometimes I still think I see him.


Charles C. Goodin