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Train for your 70s

I know many Karate sensei who are in their 70s or older. Many have knee and/or back injuries that resulted from overzealous training in their youth. Such injuries often result in arthritis.

Your life may be quite long. If you train only for your 20s, you might suffer later. Obviously, you cannot practice the same in your 50s as you did in your 20s.

The other night I watch a Tai Chi demonstration. The sifu was in his 60s. After demonstrating a long form, he continued his duties as the emcee. He was not out of breath in the least.

We students of Karate can learn a lot from Tai Chi instructors!

If you rely on physical strength, your Karate will suffer as your strength declines. You should plan for this and seek to understand core body principles.


Charles C. Goodin