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Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro

Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro:
Hawaii's First Nisei Karate Sensei

by Charles C. Goodin

This article appears at the Hawaii Karate Seinenkai website.

Born on April 25, 1915, in Waimanalo, Hawaii, to parents Kana Miyashiro, of Aragusuku, Ginowan, Okinawa, and Uto (Shinshiro) Miyashiro, Thomas Shigeru Miyashiro was an active member of Hawaii's Okinawan community. He was a member of the Ginowan Shijun Kai and the Wahiawa Hongwanji, where he often performed volunteer work. Married at a young age, he and wife had four daughters and a son. For most of his adult life he worked for the City and County of Honolulu, first at Ala Moana Park, next at Foster Botanical Garden, and later as superintenent of Wahiawa Botanical Garden, where he eventually retired. His specialty was orchids. He was remembered as a Good Samaritan, a friend to those in need.

Few people are aware, however, that Miyashiro was Hawaii's first nisei Karate sensei. He certainly was the first local sensei to make the Okinawan art of self-defense available to the public. His tireless efforts to preserve and promote the art continued until his passing on March 22, 1977....

For the remainder of this article, please see: http://seinenkai.com/art-miyashiro.html

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