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Ratty Belts

Sometimes you will see black belts who are wearing threadbare belts -- belts that are literally falling apart.

Karate is an austere art. However, attachment to aged belts is silly.

I found out something interesting. Expensive belts fall apart more quickly than cheap belts. Some belts, it seems, are made to age quickly -- to get that worn out look. Some have only a thin layer of black cloth over a white base. Hmmm.

A belt should simply hold your gi together. In an emergency, it can be used as a sling or to immobilize a broken limb or sprained joint.

We should not be attached to petty things such a belts, patches, titles, certificates, etc. These are just trifles.

How you conduct yourself in your daily life is what counts most. They don't give belts for that.


Charles C. Goodin