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Quitting Karate - Politics

Do you know why many senior Karate instructors, often the most sincere ones, quit? The answer is politics.

When Karate is practiced in a large school or as part of a large organization, politics can become a problem. Who is in charge? Who determines rank? Who can talk to whom? Who can teach where?

Politicians are usually kuchi bushi (mouth warriors).

It is much simpler, and satisfying, to teach in a small dojo where you know everyone. The measure of a dojo is not how many students it has, but the quality of each student. In Okinawa at the turn of the 20th century, even 10 students was a lot. Actually, to have even one student who can pass on the art is an incredible accomplishment.

To the extent possible, avoid politics. Training is much more productive and rewarding.

See: Politics -- A Reason To Continue.


Charles C. Goodin