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One Year Student

When a person starts training in my dojo, I tell them that they will not be considered to be a student until one year has passed. There are two reasons for this.

First, many people quit within the first year. If they are not yet a student, they will not have to feel badly. Students often carry regret for quite a while. I want to avoid imposing this regret on people who only train briefly.

From my perspective, I feel very attached to my students. This feeling lasts for a lifetime.

Sometimes, a person might want to be able to say that they trained with me. Everyone should know that only people who have trained with me for at least a year are considered to be students. Until then, they are more like guests.

Certainly, I would not promote anyone, regardless of their rank from any other sensei, until they have trained with me for at least one year, usually much longer.


Charles C. Goodin