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The Best Sensei

During the course of my Karate research, I am often asked "who is the best Karate sensei in Hawaii?"

I always answer that the best sensei is the one who taught you, or your children. The best sensei is the one who has given up his or her free time to pass on the art to others. Whether in a magnificent hall, garage, church, cafeteria, yard, or temple, Hawaii's sensei, of all the arts, have given selflessly of their knowledge and time.

The best sensei is not necessarily the one who learned from the most famous teacher. Many who learned from famous sensei declined to teach.

I admire sensei, such as Tomu Arakawa, Jimmy Miyaji, Bobby Lowe, Walter Nishioka, and Pat Nakata, who have taught in Hawaii for over 40 years.

Do you have a sensei to whom you have not spoken for several years. Give him or her a call to say "thank you Sensei."


Charles C. Goodin